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Solutions » Asset Management

RF Advantage professionals are experts in process improvement and technology for the management of physical assets from receiving through retirement. Years of experience in Heavy Industry, Construction, Retail, Telecommunication and information Technology have equipped us with the ability to define and implement solutions for tracking, maintaining, repairing and operating critical assets in the most effective manner. We design solutions from the most appropriate combination of Barcode Scanning, Active RFID, Passive RFID, RTLS, GPS and Industrial Sensors to deliver information about an asset’s location, speed, contents, temperature, humidity and/or other conditions.

We can also implement asset management solutions in vehicles such as delivery vans, in order to provide a cost-effective and reliable way of monitoring the contents of the vehicle, and of automating the processes involved in loading and unloading items from it.

Some examples of the types of asset management solutions we can deliver include:

  • Laptop Tracking
  • Tool Tracking
  • Parts Tracking
  • Automatic Vehicle Location / Identification
  • Toll Collection
  • Parking & Controlled Access Systems
  • Equipment Operating Data Collection
  • Repair-In-Process Management
  • Construction Progress Management