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Every organization has assets, data and facilities that are vital to their success. More importantly, every organization has a responsibility to maintain the safety of its employees, customers and visitors while at their facilities. Security systems are critical components to reduce risk, protect stakeholders and keep the organization on the path to success.

RF Advantage delivers complete security systems that converge closed-circuit television (CCTV), digital video recording (DVR), biometrics, security badges and asset tagging technologies. We design and install systems to deter threats, and also to provide timely notifications and data necessary to interdict, apprehend and prosecute security violations and attacks. Our security analysis engines have sophisticated algorithms that can detect inappropriate movement of objects, unauthorized access of individuals or vehicles; possession and removal of items by unauthorized individuals; and destruction of property, among other events. Notification of these events can be delivered in a wide variety of formats including local alarms, remote alarms, SMS text messages, email and streaming video feeds.

Each security system is designed to meet our customer’s specific needs. Our security experts will perform a detailed analysis of the facility and assets, and work with the customer’s resources to ensure that the most appropriate technologies are implemented for the challenges presented.